Friday, 31 October 2014


Glitch First Extended Sneak Peak! 

Mimics are the new craze. Once only available for the sick Mimics were there to help ease people with PTSD and those dealing with sudden loss. But now Mimics are new and improved, they now can't feel pain. The government has opened bordellos where you can divulge in your darkest desires without any repercussions. Bringing the virtual world into our own the Mimics are a step beyond video games. Bordello Avarit invites those that are curious, those with bubbling desires to brig their innner sadist to the surface. Purchase a Mimic and the world is suddenly full of possibilities.

Dr. Cavanaugh stared at his purchase with a malicious grin distorting his already uneven features. Black soulless eyes assessed and appraised his hard work, tracing the way her dark hair curled into spirals.

He saw her mouth moving but heard screams instead of an introduction. As he stood there he saw her bare collarbones bloom with bruises, like flowers with petals the shape of his fingers. Her neck was tiny and he wondered if he could snap it with one hand?

The brief thought brought a mangled smile to his face, the lovely noise he imagined her bones breaking to be sent shivers down his long spine, ordaining his arms with goose bumps. As if the standing hairs on his body gave proof to his sinful thoughts he shied away from her curious filled gaze.

It was her small, nervous smile that did him in. The movement of her lips sent his imagination into overdrive, awakening a hunger for her flesh and a sudden desperate thirst for the pleas he was sure she would make.

Excitement overrode every other emotion in his body; tremors shook his legs as he took a shaky step forward.

“When I was little I liked to star gaze. I used to think it was so silly to love watching something that had been dead for such a long time, but now I understand that you can’t be perfect until you are still. I can promise you that even though you aren’t real you will burn in my head brighter than any star I have gazed upon.”

His voice was thick with an unrivaled anticipation, “I am going to make you perfect.”

Music, he decided after he finished. He had made music in the process of making a star, a masterpiece of ribboned skin and blood used as his paint against the wall as a canvas, telling a story of unfounded beauty.

As Cavanaugh caressed the soft skin surrounding him one word was writing itself on every piece of his mind, taking over his every thought. Branding it against her skin with his mouth with every kiss he pressed upon her, whispering frantically a promise and a threat, “Again. Again. Again. Again.”

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this extended sneak peak of Glitch my upcoming Science fiction novel! 

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